Dad, Othello and mum, Little Bootles proudly present our first litter in 6 years. They were born on 26th January 2016 and all appear to be either blue or tri-coloured. Enquiries welcome but please be aware YOU will be vetted before we agree to release one of our precious babies. Please contact via maudleather@gmail.com



Othello (Pewterspeare the Pianoman) and Jemma (Meldor-sett Jammy Pal) are pleased to announce the birth of their litter of one dog and 3 bitches on the 9th December 2015.

I am going to visit them in Warsaw, Poland on the 19th January. Renata Olszewska, the breeder is experienced in exporting dogs and it is so easy to bring them to the UK.

Please contact me for details maudleather@gmail.com